5 Books to Change Your Perspective

Happy Full Moon! This lunar eclipse in Leo is calling on us to let our freak flags fly! To be ourselves despite of any fears or rejection. For many of us, we might not even know that part of ourselves anymore after years of suppression. Or maybe we just need a reminder to get back in touch. So here are 5 books to shift your perspective and get back in touch with your most authentic self.

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My 2 goals and intentions for 2019

I’m an Aquarius and my head is always in the clouds dreaming up crazy ideas and different career paths. I often fall short in the execution department because I’m also extremely sensitive and emotional and this has caused me to lose my way on countless occasions. Over the years I’ve learned to set up some guide posts to help me find my way back again. Usually it’s in moments of clarity that I’ll say, “Tashia, next time you get lost remember this….” I like to think it’s a bit like time travelling. I did a bit of reflecting on myself and my photography before deciding on the two main things I’m going to focus on for 2019.

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Slowing Down - January Blues

January never starts off with a bang for me. It’s a slow time of intention setting, reflecting and goal setting, planning and baby steps towards those goals. It’s slowing down after the holiday craziness and purging all the emotions and remnants of the previous year. More often than not, done to music.

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Tashia Potter