Brea & Kyle

I'm going to keep these guys. I've photographed their wedding, their second born's portraits at 5 days old and now this lifestyle session. Brea was also the main caregiver for my niece and nephew since they were babies, so I just can't help but love them.  

It's been pouring rain for weeks here on the island but we had decided to embrace it; we had a backup plan in the event of heavy rain. I had a few shots in mind that I wanted, and had even brought my reflector to create some wind! The weather man got my memo, it was a gorgeous sunny (almost too sunny) day with strong winds and these guys love hard. So basically an ideal scenario.

I've been working on shooting video during sessions (and still have a long way to go) but a quick video with what I managed to get is at the end. A snippet to look back on, a moving portrait. 

Tashia Potter