Beach Wedding. Oceanside, Vancouver Island.


I quite often pinch myself that I get to be a photographer here on Vancouver Island, and this recent beach wedding was no exception. It's been a long while since I've considered myself a wedding photographer. Burn out is real. This was a refreshing welcome back. The ceremony was at the Quality Bayside Inn, followed by new favourite location, Rotary Park in Qualicum Beach. The Bridal party stayed at the Qualicum Beach Inn and I was so impressed with the decor there that I might have mentioned moving in on several occasions. So cute! The rain held off and this intimate wedding was the perfect way to kick off the 2018 wedding season!


Nya. Grad 2018.

I've had the pleasure of photographing Nya's beautiful mother and sister before this, so I was so excited to get to photograph one of Nya's milestones, and hopefully many more to come. I was also the official photographer for Prom, Awards, and Grad ceremonies this year and I tell you I teared up like a few of these girls were my own children! lol. The excitement and potential of the many paths to takes at this stage of life gets me welling up even as I type. Keep your hearts open ladies!




Life with James 3

Given that Life with James 2 was written almost 5 months ago, it's safe to say it has been busy. James turned 2 recently and he's all the 2 yr old things you're warned about, but still so sweet, still truck obsessed. His last set of molars are coming up and are the reason I can't find anymore words and struggle to lift my eyelids. He's a heartfull.


Life with James 2

How 'bout that rain? I guess I'm adapting because it's feeling less heavy. I've also started a 10 week 'presence process' that involves twice daily meditation, weekly reading and mantras. This week, when I'm finding myself drifting into the digiverse or neverland or simply to trying to ignore James' constant probing to look at trucks, and watch videos about trucks, or simply repeat the word truck 10k times a day, I jolt myself out of the mind chatter with this week's mantra 'this moment matters'. And they really do don't they? all of them. If my mind wasn't constantly planning for the future or occasionally wishing for sunshine and shiny things, everything really is just fine presently. beautiful in fact. 


* Almond Milk shooters with James. He's officially off dairy and eczema is gone. 
* James won't let us near him to cut his hair so he's official rocking the 'Spinal Tap' hair do.
• Morning journalling. also a practice
• Garbage day is a big day here for James. because trucks.
• Days are much more beautiful when Lons off. Guitar playing in the morning instead of cartoons.
• Bring on Christmas. I used to wait to until December and I was trying to hold off. But it really has brightened things up around here. :)

Life with James

With the 4:00pm sunsets and dark days of November setting in, the familiar dread of winter has returned. That combined with a recent dose of mom guilt after seeing a good friend's baby books, I've decided to slow down and document these days with James and all the little things he's brought to our home. Though I sometimes struggle to them fill them with the vegetables and adventures I'd like to, I'm working on dropping the guilt and being present. Seeing the beauty in the ordinary and accepting that grilled cheese sandwiches and more episodes of paw patrol that I care to admit, are OK too. And recognizing the beauty in that, helps keep winter happy.


*Things to remember.* 
• His constant requests for GRA GRAs (Crackers) "Mo gra gra beez"
• His bankie and his bot
• His choo choos
• His tools - his prized possession  
• cartoons and a bot after nap time
• Chewable acidopholous that stop all tears like they're m&m's (probably not far from it)


Certainly I'm not the only one with the need for constant reinvention in my work and my style. When the work is fresh I doubt it, when the style is new I'm searching, when the genre is new I'm all in. I love learning and I love change, when things get comfortable I get scared and bored and must dive head first into the next thing. And by dive head first I mean buy all the gear and props and courses, rebrand, reboot, regroup. But then every now and then I pause.

Wait. What the fuck am I doing? 

I still love last month's genre. yesterdays paper. That song from the 90's. What was I running from? And then I try to piece back together what I'd fallen in love with in the first place.

Gorgeous light. Emotion. Raw Life. Polished Life. Love. Courage. Stories. 

So I'm focusing on that. I've added all my work to my website. And I'm focusing on the work not the brand. xx



*Shared with Permission*

This was the first X-session I've done in a long while. It was so much fun that I'm thrilled to be offering this genre again. Just as with all sessions, professional hair and make up are included along with wardrobe consult and fully-guided photoshoot. These make great wedding or anniversary gifts but I think it's a great gift to give to yourself. Get pampered then rock your shoot In a safe and encouraging environment where we'll work together to create fabulous images that you'll have forever.  

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